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The efficacy and function of cinnamon

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Efficacy and effects

Warm the kidney and strengthen yang, warm the stomach and dispel cold, and unblock meridians

Cinnamon is a seasoning and also a traditional Chinese medicine. 

It is the bark of the Cinnamomum officinale and Cinnamomum cassia in the Lauraceae family.

Cinnamon has a pungent and warm taste, and can enter the spleen, liver, kidney, and stomach meridians. Cinnamon mainly contains components such as protein, fat, and fiber.

It has the effects of warming the kidney and strengthening yang, dispersing cold during warming, and dredging meridians.

1. Warm Kidney and Strengthen Yang: Cinnamon not only seasoning, but also warming and tonifying kidney yang, improving symptoms such as cold hands and feet, stomach cold, and knee pain caused by insufficient kidney yang.

2. Warm stomach and dispel cold: Cinnamon bark contains volatile oil components such as cinnamaldehyde and cinnamic acid, which have the effect of dispelling cold qi and can improve the cold pain in the stomach caused by spleen and stomach deficiency cold.

3. Dredging the meridians: Cinnamon can dredge the meridians, help accelerate blood circulation, improve symptoms such as low menstrual flow and poor menstrual blood discharge.

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