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The efficacy and effects of black pepper

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Eliminating phlegm and toxins, removing fishy and greasy substances, and enhancing appetite

Black pepper is a flowering vine plant in the pepper family, with a spicy fruit taste and one of the earliest spices used by people. The fruit of black pepper will appear black red when ripe and contain one seed. It has the effects of eliminating phlegm and toxins, removing fishy and greasy substances, enhancing appetite, alleviating diarrhea, preventing corrosion and bacteria, and removing fishy and flavorful substances.

1. Eliminating phlegm and detoxifying: Black pepper has a pungent taste and a hot nature. It enters the stomach and large intestine meridians and has the effect of warming the middle and lower qi, reducing phlegm and detoxifying.

2. Removing fishy and greasy substances: The main component of black pepper is piperine, which also contains a certain amount of aromatic oil, crude protein, crude fat, and soluble nitrogen. It can remove fishy substances, relieve greasy substances, and aid digestion.

3. Enhancing appetite: Small doses of black pepper can enhance appetite and have a certain effect on poor appetite and indigestion.

4. Relieve diarrhea: Black pepper has a warm nature, which has a good relieving effect on cold stomach and abdominal pain, intestinal ringing and diarrhea caused by stomach cold, and alleviates wind cold colds.

5. Preservative and antibacterial: Black pepper has a preservative and antibacterial effect, which can detoxify fish and shrimp meat.

6. Eliminating fishy and enhancing flavor: Black pepper has a stronger spicy taste than white pepper, with a spicy aroma. It is more commonly used in cooking visceral and seafood dishes to remove fishy and enhance flavor.

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